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NEW! Published October 2017: Flute Secrets. Novello. £14.99



The 6 Practice Books for the Flute have now been revised and the new edition published (2014) as The Revised Edition. The Omnibus Edition will now contains all 6 books!

* Fantastic Flutes. 60+ Things You Can Do With Flutes. Includes making vegetable flutes; adding electronics, altering and changing the flute. Many illustrations. Spartan Press, UK.  July 2011  £9.99. 

*  Three Beautiful Melodies: Consolation No3, Liszt; Sicilienne, by Paradies and Melody in F by Prince Albert. Flute and piano. Falls House Press.

* Looking at more  Efficient Practice on the flute.   Falls House Press. 

With Improvisation CD included.  Nominated as REVIEWER’S CHOICE, December 2010 (FLUTE TALK, USA) This book is also being translated and published in German (Zimmermann), Dutch (Molenaar), Japanese (Ongaku), Chinese (KHS Ltd).

Available for download at http://www.scorevivo.com/tagged/trevor-wye/

* Piano accompaniment of  Moyse’ 24 Little Melodious Studies. Available @ $15.00 and $20.00 with ‘playalong’ files.  

*  Baermann’s famous Adagio for clarinet, arranged for flute and piano: $8.00

*  Piano accompaniment of Andersen’s 24 Studies, op15. Easy to play and helpful to the student. $25.00, or $30.00 with playalong files.  113pages

*  Valse Triste by Franz Vecsey for flute and piano, a lovely piece.

*  Andante Cantabile by Widor. Flute and piano

*  Organo Primitivo by Pietro Yon,  arr. for 2 flutes and bass flute.

*  Westminster Chimes by Louis Vierne, his most popular organ piece arr. for 5 flutes (3flts (picc); afl; bfl)

* Divertimento by Louis Vierne arr. for 5 flutes  (3flts (picc); afl; bfl)

* Alkan: Air in 7 Time. 5 flutes (3 flts, afl, bfl)

* Pietro Yon. L’Organo Primitivo. 2flts & bfl.

* Lefebure-Wely. Elevation of the Eucharist. 2flts, afl, bfl.. 

*  Lefebure-Wely. Sortie (2). 3flts (picc) afl, bfl.

* Gottschalk. Marche des Gibaros. 5 flts (3flts, (picc) afl, bfl)

All the above are available from :  http://www.scorevivo.com/tagged/trevor-wye/


Beginners Practice Book for the Flute  Vol. 1 & 2. Follows the chromatic method, like Moyse: Le Debutante Flutiste..etc.  Separate piano part.

Beginners Practice Book. CD edition with piano parts and solos.  vols. 1 & 2; Played by Trevor Wye and Clifford Benson: Play-along  cassette, or CD.

Practice Book for the Flute   Vol 1.  Tone with companion  demonstration cassette or CD

     Vol  2.       Technique

     Vol  3.       Articulation

     Vol. 4       Intonation and Vibrato.

     Vol. 5       Breathing and Scales.

     Vol. 6       Advanced Practice.

Practice Books 1-5, Omnibus Edition. Spiral bound

The Practice Books in English have been completely revised and updated. The New Edition is already published as ‘The Revised Edition’.  The Omnibus Edition now contains all 6 books!

Proper Flute Playing  A Companion Book to the Practice Book series. Explains in more detail the  series of exercises in each book, and includes professional advice.

Flute Class. An instruction book for both group or individual use. Complete with piano part. Follows the traditional method of learning the notes in the conventional order: B,A,G,F,E etc. Also contains solo and ensemble pieces

Flute Class Concert Album. 30 easy pieces for 3-5 flutes. Perfect for concerts.

A Piccolo Practice Book  (with Patricia Morris) The really complete orchestral extract book.

The Orchestral Practice Book (with P. Morris) 2 volumes. 1000+ Orch Excerpts. Revised Edition, 2010

The Alto Flute Practice Book  with Patricia Morris. Orchestral excerpts

Complete Daily Exercises. All the traditional daily exercises and scales from the French School, incl. Boehm, Maquarre, Reichert, T&G, DS Wood, etc. 127 pages. (Winner of the Newly Published Music Competition, NFA, USA, 2000). Revised Edition, 2010. Also in Chinese.

A Very First Flute Book  To be used with any beginner method.

All the books above are translated into: Japanese (Ongaku Tomosha, Tokyo), German (Zimmermann, Frankfurt), Spanish (Mundimusica, Madrid.), Norwegian (Frost Noter A/S,.Oslo), Dutch  (Molenaar, Amsterdam), Italian (Italian Flute Society, Roma), Korean  (Maru Publishing Inc., Seoul), Chinese (KHS, Taiwan)  Chinese (in Mainland China in association with Music Sales) and French (Music Sales UK).

A Very Easy Flute Treasury  42 pieces for flute & piano. Easy piano parts for teachers.

Music for Solo Flute  (Debussy, C.P.E. & J.S. Bach, Telemann)

A Couperin Album    flute & piano

A Vivaldi Album     flute & piano

A First and Second Latin American Flute Album   flute & piano

An Elgar Flute Album  flute & piano

A Schumann Flute Album  flute & piano (Includes 3 Romances)

A Faure Flute Album  flute & piano

A Satie Flute Album  flute & piano

A Ravel Album  flute & piano

Schubert: Theme & Variations arr. flute & piano (D 935 No. 3.)

Three Brilliant Showpieces (Paganini, Handel, & Widor)  5 flutes.  Score & Parts. (Out of        print, but photocopies can still be obtained from Novello (Music Sales)

Bizet: Suite: Jeux D’Enfants.  5 flutes. Score and parts.

VIDEO :  Play the Flute. A  beginner’s guide.


Gluck: Dance of the Blessed Spirits

Schubert: Variations on Trockne Blumen

Bach: B minor Suite  

Mozart:  Concerto No. l. in G.  Flute & piano. Playable piano part! Includes how to write a cadenza.

Mozart: Concerto No. 2. in D. with Andante  in C         “         “         “


The Adult Flute Student. A guide for adult beginners. To be used with any standard method


Flute Solos     Volume I , II, and III for flute and piano. Short easy solos

Flute Duets  2 Flutes    Volume I, II, and III

Flute Trios    3 flutes   Volume I and II

Hungarian Pastoral Fantasy:   Doppler

Suite de Trois Morceaux:    Godard

Syrinx:  Debussy

Fantasie:  Faure

Twenty Four Capriccios OP.26:  Boehm


Efficient Practice. How to...

Paggi: IL Gondoliero  Flute & Piano

Paggi: Rimembranze Napolitane    “  “   “  

Thurner Grande Sonate Brillant   “  “   “    

An Extraordinary Man .   A Musical Biography of Marcel Moyse

The Adult Flute Book, and A Very First Flute Book

Schumann: Scherzo from 2nd Symphony.  5flts

ALLANS, Australia  (via Shawnee Press & Elkin)

l7th & l8th Century Album        Flute & Piano

l9th Century Album                 “   “   “

Chopin: Six Nocturnes           “   “   “  

Wye’s Whistle Book.  A Penny Whistle primer.


An Extraordinary Man A Musical Biography of Marcel Moyse.

Also all Practice Books and other albums: Satie, Schumann, etc

Efficient Practice. How to...


An Extraordinary Man  A Musical Biography of Marcel Moyse. All Practice Books

BROEKMANS en van POPPEL, Amsterdam

Albums for Piccolo & Piano  Volume I and II

Piccolo Duets, The popular repertoire for 2 piccolos and piano

Variations on “God Save the King”  Vol. I, and II   Flute & Piano

Trio Originale  Kummer, Fl, vln (2nd fl., vla)., pno.

McGINNIS & MARX,  New York.

Mozart: Concerto In C. K3l4 Oboe & piano (red.)

JUNE EMERSON (Emerson Edition)

Sullivan: Twilight    2 Flutes & piano   

Kohler: Valse des Fleurs    “   “    “   “      

Doppler: Airs Valaques  flute & piano        

Doppler: Chanson D’Amour     “   “   “        

Kohler: Variations on a Theme of Schubert 2 Flutes & Piano   

Kohler: Variations on a Theme of  Beethoven  “    “ 

Kohler: Second Concert Duet on a Theme of Chopin   2 Flutes & pf 

A Gilbert & Sullivan Album, fl. (Duo and trio) pf


Chedeville: (Vivaldi) Il Pastor Fido   Flute & pf   

       Flute Ensembles:

Couperin, Le Tic-Toc-Choc. 5 flutes;

Daquin, The Cuckoo.  5 flutes   

Dubois, Toccata in G  5 flutes 

Vierne,  Toccata.  5 flutes

Louis Lefebure-Wely, Sortie    5 flutes


Handel Album.  for solo flute.

French Dances (Rameau)  flute & Piano (Out of print)


Faure: Cantique de Jean Racine     4 Flutes & Piano  


Tico Tico     5 Flutes, Bass, Perc.

The Shadow Of Your Smile “   “    “

Opus 1a        (Trevor Wye)    “     “    “

There are many other unpublished arrangements: Classical pieces for 5 flutes, jazz

arrangements for 5 flutes, etc.


An Extraordinary Man  Biography of Marcel Moyse

Also published in Japanese, French, Spanish and German

Brain Corporation, Japan

Video: flutes fantastic! Commentary in English, Japanese interviews. Available from Brain Corp. email address: http://www.mesh.ne.jp/brain/   Order in English.


Fantastic Flutes. 60+ things you can do or make with flutes. Published August 2011.


Rondo Capriccioso. (Mendelssohn) 5 Flutes (3 and picc, afl, bfl)

Petite Caprice (Rossini) 5 Flutes (3 and picc, afl, bfl)

Tournament Galop (Gottschalk) 5 Flutes (3 and picc, afl, bfl)

The Dying Poet: (Gottschalk) flute and piano

Manchega: (Gottschalk) 2 flutes (with opt 3rd flute) and piano

Sonata in Bb (Mozart)  5 Flutes (3 and picc, afl, bfl)

Away in a Manger. 4 flutes and cello, (or bassoon/keyboard)

Air In 7 Time (Alkan) flute and piano

Three Pieces (Clifford Benson) 5 Flutes (3 and picc, afl, bfl)

Three Beautiful Melodies. Flute and piano. Prince Albert; Liszt; Paradies

NEW! Looking at more  Efficient Practice on the flute. Falls House Press. 

With Improvisation CD included.

Listed as REVIEWERS CHOICE in Flute Talk, Dec, 2010

Also currently translated and published in German (Zimmermann), Dutch (Molenaar), Japanese (Ongaku), Chinese (KHS Ltd)

Jazz Pieces: for 5 flutes (alto and Picc) bass and percussion (or piano)  See Carnival Page for purchase details

Arranged by Trevor Wye and recorded  by The BlueBelles in Japan on CD:-

All the Things You Are (Kern) 

Autumn Leaves (Kosma) 

Smoke gets in Your Eyes (J.Kern) 

Lullaby of Birdland  (Shearing)

Tea for Two  (Youmans)  

                                              Click here  for Jazz purchase details

Total: 187 publications


DVD: a professionally made film of the 46 Variations on the Carnival of Venice for 58 flutes is on sale both in the UK and USA. Trevor Wye and Clifford Benson

To order, click here:    http://www.trevorwye.com/page6.html  

A Victorian Musical Evening  SHE 501 PEARL RECORDS.With William Bennett and Clifford Benson.

The Romantic Silve r FluteSHE 533 PEARL RECORDS, With Bennett and Benson

The Romantic Flute  Altus Records, Japan. With Bennett and Benson

La Flute D’Amour. Trevor Wye and Clifford Benson playing Bach, Schumann, etc for flute d‘amour and piano. Available from Trevor Wye or  flute shops.

Handel: The Trio Sonatas. Phillips 412 4391 With William Bennett and George Malcolm. The Academy of St Martins Chamber Ensemble.  Phillips CD 412 5982        

A Flute Recital  WCD 100. With Clifford Benson. Music for flute and flute d’amour. available from Trevor Wye or flute shops. Send  a cheque for £8.00, or cash: €12.00 or $15.00 to  CD,  Tamley Cottage, Hastingleigh, Ashford, Kent. TN25 5HW.   UK