NEW BOOKS and PIECES.     Listed by publisher:-
* Fantastic Flutes. 60+ Things You Can Do With Flutes. Includes making vegetable flutes; adding electronics, altering and changing the flute. Many illustrations. Spartan Press, UK.  July 2011  £9.99.  Also soon in German (Zimmermann) Italian and French.
*  Three Beautiful Melodies: Consolation No3, Liszt; Sicilienne, by Paradies and Melody in F by Prince Albert. Flute and piano. Falls House Press.
* Looking at more  Efficient Practice on the flute.   Falls House Press.  
With Improvisation CD included.  Nominated as REVIEWER’S CHOICE, December 2010 (FLUTE TALK, USA) This book is also being translated and published in German (Zimmermann), Dutch (Molenaar), Japanese (Ongaku), Chinese (KHS Ltd).
Available for download at http://www.scorevivo.com/tagged/trevor-wye/
* Piano accompaniment of  Moyse’ 24 Little Melodious Studies. Available @ $15.00           and $20.00 with ‘playalong’ files.   
*  Baermann’s famous Adagio for clarinet, arranged for flute and piano: $8.00
*  Piano accompaniment of Andersen’s 24 Studies, op15. Easy to play and helpful to the         student. $25.00, or $30.00 with playalong files.  113pages
*  Valse Triste by Franz Vecsey for flute and piano, a lovely piece.
*  Andante Cantabile by Widor. Flute and piano
*  Organo Primitivo by Pietro Yon,  arr. for 2 flutes and bass flute.
*  Westminster Chimes by Louis Vierne, his most popular organ piece arr. for 5 flutes         (3flts (picc); afl; bfl)
* Divertimento by Louis Vierne arr. for 5 flutes  (3flts (picc); afl; bfl)
* Alkan: Air in 7 Time. 5 flutes (3 flts, afl, bfl)
* Pietro Yon. L’Organo Primitivo. 2flts & bfl.
* Lefebure-Wely. Elevation of the Eucharist. 2flts, afl, bfl..  
*  Lefebure-Wely. Sortie (2). 3flts (picc) afl, bfl.
* Gottschalk. Marche des Gibaros. 5 flts (3flts, (picc) afl, bfl)

Beginners Practice Book for the Flute  Vol. 1 & 2. Follows the chromatic method, like Moyse: Le Debutante Flutiste..etc.  Separate piano part.
Beginners Practice Book. CD edition with piano parts and solos.  vols. 1 & 2; Played by Trevor Wye and Clifford Benson: Play-along  cassette, or CD.
Practice Book for the Flute   Vol 1.  Tone with companion  demonstration cassette or CD
Vol  2.       Technique
Vol  3.       Articulation
   Vol. 4       Intonation and Vibrato.
Vol. 5       Breathing and Scales.
Vol. 6       Advanced Practice.
Practice Books 1-5, Omnibus Edition. Spiral bound
All Practice Books in English are being revised and updated. The New Edition will be published in late 2012.
Proper Flute Playing  A Companion Book to the Practice Book series. Explains in more detail the  series of exercises in each book, and includes professional advice.
Flute Class. An instruction book for both group or individual use. Complete with piano part. Follows the traditional method of learning the notes in the conventional order: B,A,G,F,E etc. Also contains solo and ensemble pieces
Flute Class Concert Album. 30 easy pieces for 3-5 flutes. Perfect for concerts.
A Piccolo Practice Book  (with Patricia Morris) The really complete orchestral extract book.
The Orchestral Practice Book (with P. Morris) 2 volumes. 1000+ Orch Excerpts. Revised Edition, 2010
The Alto Flute Practice Book  with Patricia Morris. Orchestral excerpts
Complete Daily Exercises. All the traditional daily exercises and scales from the French School, incl. Boehm, Maquarre, Reichert, T&G, DS Wood, etc. 127 pages. (Winner of the Newly Published Music Competition, NFA, USA, 2000). Revised Edition, 2010
A Very First Flute Book  To be used with any beginner method.
All the books above are translated into: Japanese (Ongaku Tomosha, Tokyo), German (Zimmermann, Frankfurt), Spanish (Mundimusica, Madrid.), Norwegian (Frost Noter A/S,.Oslo), Dutch  (Molenaar, Amsterdam), Italian (Italian Flute Society, Roma), Korean  (Maru Publishing Inc., Seoul), Chinese (KHS, Taiwan)  Chinese (in Mainland China in association with Music Sales) and French (Music Sales UK).
A Very Easy Flute Treasury  42 pieces for flute & piano. Easy piano parts for teachers.
Music for Solo Flute  (Debussy, C.P.E. & J.S. Bach, Telemann)
A Couperin Album    flute & piano
A Vivaldi Album     flute & piano
A First and Second Latin American Flute Album   flute & piano
An Elgar Flute Album  flute & piano
A Schumann Flute Album  flute & piano (Includes 3 Romances)
A Faure Flute Album  flute & piano
A Satie Flute Album  flute & piano

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